Keauty Beauty Beauty Sponge

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If you are done with and tired of using brushes and cheap accessories to blend the makeup on your face for a smooth and flawless application, do use the Keauty Beauty Beauty Blender. The blending sponge for makeup is tear drop shaped, which perfectly delves into the contour of the face, and gives a perfect blend and finish, each time and every time. The Keauty Beauty Beauty Blender material doesn’t absorb much of the product, and is soft on the skin. Both freshers and professionals can use it, for a perfect finish and look. Perfect for liquid based products.

About the item:

  • The Keauty Beauty Beauty Blender is tear drop shaped, which means it fits well with whatever face shape you have. No issues with blending and spreading of the base or foundation when you use this product.
  • The product is soft on skin, and doesn’t absorb too much of the product. So you don’t have to worry about double application when using the Keauty Beauty Beauty Blender
  • Contours the face and helps with even spreading and coverage of products for a flawless look
  • High definition blending given with the Keauty Beauty Beauty Blender

Perfect to use with liquid based products

Manufacturer: H.INDUSTRY. CO. LTD


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