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Daily Life Forever52 Body Yogurt gives you the ultimate summer hydration! Say hello to a scoopful of instant cooling hydration, super lightweight, non-greasy body yogurt. Its unique quick-absorbing formula gives your skin a refreshing feel & non – a greasy finish. It’s an Ultra-hydrating body moisturizer that fights dryness and gives an instant cooling effect. We have a range of 6 amazing yogurts that gives you the ultimate moisturization & soothing effect.


  • Lightweight Moisturizer.
  • Gel base, non-greasy formula.
  • Enriched with AHA.
  • Combination of natural butter & oils.
  • How To Use:

    Slather the body yogurt onto the body.
    Spread evenly.
    Best used after a shower.

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    Body Yogurt

    Strawberry – SK801, Mango – SK802, Musk Melon – SK803, Rose – SK804, Cocoa Butter – SK805, Black Currant – SK806


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