Indulgeo Essentials CERA WASH – Ceramide BodyWash (300mL)




Reveal youthful, hydrated skin with Cera-Body Wash — the ‘everyday luxury’ body cleanse. Fused with the goodness of a potent blend of 5 Ceramides (EOP, NS, NP, AS & AP), it promises skin a gentle deep cleanse that boosts hydration by maintaining moisture levels and preventing water loss. ​​The gem ensures efficient delivery of high-concentration ceramide complexes within the skin’s barrier — thus efficiently healing concerned areas. It’s that ‘healthy dose’ that brings back skin’s lost glow and sheen with its continuous active play that repairs the skin barrier. Enriched with another hero-ingredient Balsam Fir Hydrosol, it promotes skin healing and increases blood flow which as a bonus, can help ease the pain caused by sore or bruised muscles. Hence it’s also an excellent post-workout detoxifying body cleanser, leaving your skin absolutely soft and rejuvenated.


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