Keauty Beauty Concealer, Corrector & Contour Palette II

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How often have you tried doing the best eye makeup, only to get a tired and an uneven look at the end? Sounds familiar? Let us introduce to you the Keauty Beauty Cover All 2 Concealer Corrector & Contour Palette II- works wonders with the base or the foundation, adds more coverage to the skin and gives you an even and a flawless look and tone. Tired eyes are a thing of the past now, so are scars, blemishes and other imperfections when you use this product. Pop the eyes and make them fresh with this product now!

About the item:

  • Brings more life and vibrancy to the eyes, when the Keauty Beauty Cover All 2 Concealer Corrector & Contour Palette II is used as a base. The eye shadow stays on for a longer period of time and enhances the overall look.
  • You get more coverage and a flawless look without imperfections, blemishes and scars or even dark circles being shown
  • Works night and day for a very long time and doesn’t make the eyes look puffy or tired
  • The skin tone is evened out and made to look smooth and refreshing every time the product is used

You get natural beautiful eyes when you use this product as a base



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