Keauty Beauty Concealer, Corrector & Contour Palette

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If you are one of those women who are looking for HD correction and contouring, you then wouldn’t be disappointed. The all new Keauty Beauty Cover All Concealer Corrector & Contour palette is a blessing in disguise every makeup enthusiast must own. From giving the face the right shape through contouring to making the skin glow by hiding blemishes and puffiness, smoothening the skin tone to adding a pop to tired eyes positively and more, the Keauty Beauty Cover All Concealer Corrector & Contour palette works like magic. The palette works wonders on the face for a flawless look.

About this item:

  • Refresh the face with HD colour correction and flawless contouring in one stroke. No more reapplying the base once this product is used. Can be used as a base before applying makeup for the face and the eyelids
  • Get additional coverage for your skin by using the product along with your regular foundation. You get a flawless and smooth skin tone.
  • Disguise skin imperfections, blemishes and more with the product
  • Dark circles and pigmentation are hidden for sure when you use this product
  • Let the eye shadow last longer using this product as a base. Helps pop the eyes out and makes you look gorgeous naturally.



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