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Discover our all-new COVER UP Foundation Series, proudly Made in Italy, offering a revolutionary 16-hour wear experience. With an impressive palette of 15 diverse shades to complement almost every skin tone, this foundation series is designed to stay turned on by the power of radiance.

Experience the perfect blend of medium-to-full coverage and a natural finish, redefining longwear with its lightweight feel. Characterized by its breathable and fade-resistant formula, it’s infused with skincare ingredients that instantly smooth and enhance the complexion, promoting full-powered radiance both instantly and over time.

Our COVER UP Foundation wears longer, stays stronger, and looks better with each passing hour. Featuring a specialized self-setting texture, it delivers a coveted photo finish, making it the ultimate choice for bridal and photoshoots, camera-friendly with zero flashback.

Please note that shade variations may occur slightly across formulas, depending on coverage and finish. Elevate your beauty game with COVER UP Foundation today

Features :

Our comprehensive range of 15 foundation shades is meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse spectrum of women’s skin tones, spanning from light to medium, tan, and deep shades. Thanks to its high-powered formula infused with skin-loving ingredients, this foundation stands as a high-performing masterpiece.
Notably, our self-setting foundation transforms your beauty routine, emphasizing the importance of skin preparation and priming before application. Say goodbye to excessive layers of powder, as our foundation is designed to create a naturally flawless complexion with effortless ease. Simplify your makeup routine and let your true beauty shine through.
How To Use :

  • Prep & Prime
  • Match & Blend
  • Correct & Perfect
  • Set & Finish

Additional information

Coverup Foundation

Milk Shake – 10.1, Sugar – 10.2, Caramel – 10.3, Sable – 10.4, Desert – 20.1, Biscuit – 20.2, Creme – 20.3, Satin – 20.4, Bronze – 20.5, Toast – 20.6, Acajou – 20.7, Olive – 30.1, Cola – 30.2, Maron – 30.3, Amber – 30.4


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