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Discover the allure of DEEP BAKE Translucent Powders, now available in the chic hues of Cherry Blossom – 007 & Purple Viola – 008. Elevate your beauty routine by using these trending pink and purple setting powders – not only to set makeup and reduce shine but to effortlessly neutralize any unwanted green tones. Unveil a luminous, radiant complexion that emanates a natural glow from within. Experience makeup perfection with DEEP BAKE. Glow boldly, glow beautifully.

Features –

  • Pink loose powder serves a dual purpose: it adds a subtle rosy glow for enhanced radiance and effectively neutralizes undertones for precise color correction.
  • This product seamlessly blends beauty and practicality, combining a harmonious balance of form and function.
  • Its versatile nature elevates your makeup routine by imparting a luminous rosy hue while ensuring efficient color correction.
  • Designed to enhance both aesthetic appeal and practical application, this powder seamlessly integrates into your beauty regimen.

How to use –

Sweep a light layer of pink loose powder over your finished makeup to impart a subtle rosy glow. Focus on areas where you desire extra radiance, such as the apples of your cheeks or the high points of your face. The pink hue not only enhances your complexion but also works to neutralize specific undertones, promoting a balanced and radiant finish.

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Deep Bake Translucent Matte Loose Powder

Cherry Blossom – 007, Purple Viola – 008


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