Indulgeo Essentials Hairfall Combo-Hair Vitalizer + Onion & Pepper Hair Oil

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The Indulgeo Essentials Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer and Onion and Pepper Oil are everyday essentials for long, strong and healthy hair. Give your hair the nourishment they deserve with our best-selling haircare holy grails created with the finest natural ingredients.
The ultimate botanical breakthrough to stop hair fall – Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer is an exotic mix of essential oils like Rosemary, Lavender, Tulsi, Ginger root and various other rare dry oils infused in purified water and witch hazel. Clinically-proven and highly effective, this product also significantly improves volume, texture and overall health of the hair. What’s more, This oasis of organics has no side-effects and is also non-oily!
The Indulgeo Essentials Onion & Pepper Hair Oil is the miracle one bottle stress- free solution for all your hair needs & intense nourishment. Transform dead, thin & lightweight hair to strong, voluminous &a orgeous locks with this perfect blend of highly nutritious oils that complement each other to strengthen your hair from the roots to the tips. Onion extract is extremely rich in sulfur & antioxidants that multiply collagen production & stimulate blood circulation while keeping the scalp bacteria- free!


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