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The Ikonic Pro 1800 Hotel Dryer is the perfect choice for hotels, offering professional-grade performance and convenience. With 2-speed temperature settings and a cool shot feature, guests can customize their drying experience. The high-speed airflow ensures fast drying, while the included nozzle concentrates the airflow for precise styling. The folding design makes it easy to store in compact spaces, and the spiral device cable adds to the overall convenience. With a power range of 1800-2000W, this hotel dryer delivers reliable and efficient performance for all guests.


2-Speed Temperature Settings with Cool Shot: The Ikonic Pro 1800 Hotel Dryer offers 2-speed temperature settings, allowing users to adjust the airflow and heat to suit their preferences. The cool shot feature provides a burst of cool air to set hairstyles in place.

High-Speed Airflow for Fast Drying: With its powerful motor, this dryer delivers high-speed airflow, ensuring fast and efficient drying, ideal for busy hotel environments where guests appreciate quick results.

1 Nozzle for Concentrated Airflow: The dryer includes a nozzle attachment that helps concentrate the airflow, enabling precise styling and targeted drying for specific sections of hair.

Easy-to-Store Folding Design: The Ikonic Pro 1800 Hotel Dryer features a convenient folding design, making it easy to store in tight spaces or travel with. It saves valuable storage space in hotel rooms.

Spiral Device Cable for Ease of Use: The spiral device cable enhances the usability of the dryer by preventing tangling and providing flexibility during operation. Guests can move around with ease while drying their hair.

Power: 1800-2000W: With a power range of 1800-2000W, this dryer offers ample power for efficient drying and styling, ensuring that guests can achieve the desired results quickly and effectively.2600


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