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Introducing the Vibe+ Hair Straightener with 72W of power. This versatile styling tool comes in three stunning colors (white, peach, and teal) and offers a range of features for creating beautiful hairstyles. With overheat protection, a side lock switch, and a professional-length swivel cord, it provides convenience and safety. The LED temperature display and adjustable temperature settings (ranging from 130 to 235 degrees Celsius) cater to different hair textures and styles. The floating ceramic plates ensure even heat distribution, minimizing the risk of hot spots and damage. With the PTC heater and ionic technology, you can reduce frizz, enhance shine, and seal cuticles, resulting in sleek and transformed locks. Enjoy effortless styling and optimal results with the Vibe+ Hair Straightener’s wide plates and advanced features.


• Overheat Protection: The safety feature ensures that the hair straightener automatically turns off after 60 minutes of inactivity
• Side lock Switch: Allows you to securely lock the plates together when the straightener is not in use.
• Professional lengthened swivel cord: provides flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to move the straightener around without the cord tangling or getting in the way.
• LED Temperature Display: Allows you to easily monitor and adjust the heat settings according to your preferences and hair type.
• Adjustable temperature Settings: The adjustable settings typically start from 130 degrees Celsius and go up to 235 degrees Celsius, providing versatility for different hair textures and styles.
• Floating ceramic Plates: The ceramic material ensures even heat distribution, minimizing the risk of hot spots that could damage the hair. The floating plates adjust to the hair strands, providing consistent pressure and smooth gliding for effective straightening.
• PTC Heater: PTC heaters are known for their fast heat-up time and temperature stability. They maintain a constant heat level throughout the straightening process, ensuring efficient performance and preventing excessive heat exposure to the hair.
• Ionic technology: Helps in reducing frizz, enhances shine, seals cuticles, retains moisture, and speeds up the styling process.

Wider Plates (4.5CM): Effortless styling with wide plates for faster straightening. Advanced heat distribution ensures optimal results. designed with advanced heat distribution for even styling. Enjoy a seamless straightening experience and effortlessly transform your hair into sleek, beautiful locks.
Rating: 110-240V~50hz-60hz 72W

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White, Teal, Peach


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