Keauty Beauty Awesome Toning Mist

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It is so important to tone your skin with the right product before you apply moisturizer, a base or even your makeup. This helps control the oil production of the skin and also helps maintain the pH balance of the skin as well. Let us introduce you to the Keauty Beauty Awesome Toning Mist- a mist that does it all. Tone your skin, balance the pH levels and get that awesome readiness for the skin to do makeup on. The product helps set the tone literally and should be applied before moisturizing the skin and using the base.

About the item:

  • The Keauty Beauty Awesome Toning Mist is a one of a kind, unique product that helps set the tone literally. Tone your skin and close the pores which would otherwise let out oils and bring a greasy look to the skin, before you apply the base.
  • Helps balance the pH levels of the skin with the misty touch, and brings a dewy glow which makes your face look sensuous
  • Allows for even spreading and coverage of moisturizer and base after using the Keauty Beauty Awesome Toning Mist
  • Should be used before the makeup is used

You don’t need to reapply the Keauty Beauty Awesome Toning Mist.

Manufacturer: V & L COSMETICS


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