Keauty Beauty Dark Brown Eyebrow Gel

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows are the unique defining feature of the face. Enhance the look of your face with the right makeup, and by defining the eyebrows. Bring home and add to your makeup collection the Keauty Beauty Dark Brown Eyebrow Gel. It is a multitasking product that is smooth and creamy, perfect for the hair and the skin. It doesn’t smudge and sweat, nor does it run when water comes in contact. You can wear it all day long, at work, or when socializing with family and friends.

About the item:

  • Long-lasting and very rich for the eyebrows to be defined with. One stroke is all you need and the minimal application will define the brows with high intensity.
  • Enhances the eye makeup and brings a high-definition look to the eyes. This is a product that is perfect for the skin and the hair on the eyebrows and within it.
  • Creamy and smooth in texture, it doesn’t drip or smudge or sweat
  • The product is water resistant, which guarantees you no smearing

Long lasting, can be worn for a long at work or when you go out.



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