Keauty Beauty White Gel Eyeliner

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If you have a desire to make you eyes pop out with intensity and glam, you then need the Keauty Beauty White Gel Eyeliner, which will not disappoint you. With high definition pigments within the product, and rich color too, the coverage is mind blowing, unique and bright after a single application. The formula is creamy and fast drying, it doesn’t smudge at all, and is water resistant as well. Enriched with goodness, the Keauty Beauty White Gel Eyeliner is a must have in your vanity. Let your eyes do the talking and win the world.

About this item:

  • The product makes the eyes pop out with a single stroke and application. You don’t need to reapply, which means it is long lasting, all through the day or the night as applied.
  • The eyeliner is gel based and water resistant. No smudging for sure and no sweating on the eyes when you use Keauty Beauty White Gel Eyeliner
  • Bright application and with good coverage to enhance the eye makeup
  • Rich color with high definition pigments used

Fast drying but creamy in texture- makes the eyes look svelte and sensuous.



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