London Prime HD Eye Essential Brush Set (Pack of 10)

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The 10 Pc HD Premium eye brush set has every brush to meet your requirements for blending those shades flawlessly to make an excelling combination. Stand out with well-defined eye makeup with these beauties.

These high-grade professional tools are crafted with perfection by using the best technology, experience and materials.

HD Brush Set includes
S.No Brush Name Brush Number
1 HD Concealer Brush LP 316
2 HD Eye Liner Brush LP 312
3 HD Eye Shadow Brush LP 311
4 HD Eye Blending Brush LP 310
5 HD Tapered Blending Brush LP 319
6 HD Eye Shadow Buffing Brush LP 317
7 HD Eye Contour Brush LP 314
8 HD Brow & Angular Brush LP 313
9 HD Lip Liner Brush LP 315
10 HD Small Eye Shadow Brush LP 318
Makeup Brush Pouch

Why London Prime brush?
These brushes not only take up just the required amount of product but also have premium 100% synthetic Taklon bristles with an anti-bacterial coating. These brushes are meant to create stunning looks with ultra-fine precision. Known makeup artists from all over India help design our brushes to ensure the most precision coverage and an undefeatable quality.

More information of Product

Uneven application of makeup can spoil your entire makeup appearance. Terrible quality makeup tools often cause irritations and roughness in the skin.

Get the best 10 makeup brush sets and feel confident while utilising London Prime’s makeup brush set online. These brushes provide an ultra-soft elegant feeling and a coveted airbrushed appearance.

Get a perfect appearance with varied brushes included in our HD eye essential 10 pcs makeup brush set

Our experienced team makes this 10 makeup brush set with 100% synthetic Taklon for perfect eye makeup. It is a crucial tool that defines your eyes perfectly.

Apply different hue shades on your eyes and blend those colours perfectly to create an amazing combination. These 10 pcs makeup brush set is much precise, wield for stunning, and easy-to-hold. Our 10 piece makeup brush set includes:

  • Concealer Brush- It is best for covering imperfection and doing spot correction.
  • Eye Liner Brush- It is an ideal makeup kit for outlining your eyes with a narrow line.
  • Eye Shadow Brush- It is perfect for blending eyeshadow.
  • Eye Blending Brush- It is a great choice for fixing or smudging your eye makeup.
  • Tapered Blending Brush- It matches perfectly in the wrinkle to diffuse and blend eyeshadow.
  • Eyeshadow Buffing Brush- It is dense and flexible for blending eyeshadow.
  • Eye Contour Brush- It is perfect for reaching the outer corner below the end of your eyebrow and the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Brow & Angular Brush- It’s a great choice for limiting your eyes and grooming brows.
  • Lip Liner Brush- Perfect if you prefer a mathematical finish to your lipstick.
  • Small Eye Shadow Brush-It is ideal for smokey eye makeup when utilising the darker colours around the eyelashes.
    Why shop for an HD eye essential brush set 10 pcs from London Prime Cosmetics?
    We have a wide range of 10 makeup brush set to help you with easy beauty product applications. Also, you can be worry-free about animal cruelty as our 10 piece makeup brush set is absolutely vegan. You can also purchase a 5 piece makeup brush set from our website at a reasonable price rate.

Also, remember to check out our 24 piece makeup brush set, which will give you instant definition when you apply colour. You can even get a makeup brush holder from our website and enjoy the seamless experience of shopping.


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