London Prime HD Signature Set (38 pcs)

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These high-grade London Prime’s Signature brush set of 38 multi purpose brushes are crafted with perfection by using the best technology, experience and materials.

S.No Brush Name Brush Number
1 HD Kabuki Brush (LP-301)
2 HD Flat Buffing (LP-302)
3 HD Buffing Brush (LP-303)
4 HD Blush Brush (LP-304)
5 HD Powder Brush (LP-305)
6 HD Foundation Brush (LP-306)
7 HD Flat Contour Brush (LP-307)
8 HD Contour Brush (LP-308)
9 HD Fan Brush (LP-309)
10 HD Blending Brush (LP-310)
11 HD Eyeshadow Brush (LP-311)
12 HD Eyeliner Brush (LP-312)
13 HD Brow And Angular Liner Brush (LP-313)
14 HD Eye Contour Brush (LP-314)
15 HD Lip Liner Brush (LP315)
16 HD Concealer Brush (LP-316)
17 HD Eye Shadow Buffing Brush (LP-317)
18 HD Small Eye Shadow Brush (LP-318)
19 HD Tapered Blending Brush (LP-319)
20 HD Medium Eyeshadow (LP-320)
21 HD Powder Sweep (LP-321)
22 HD Small Stippling (LP-322)
23 HD Smudger Eyeshadow (LP-323)
24 HD Eyeshadow Applicator (LP-324)
25 HD Precision Smudger (LP-325)
26 HD Bronzer Brush (LP-326)
27 HD Pointed Eyeshadow Brush (LP-327)
28 HD Flat Eyeshadow Brush (LP-328)
29 HD Small Foundation Brush (LP-329)
30 HD Pencil Brush (LP-330)
31 HD Stippling Brush (LP-331)
32 HD Large Fan Brush (LP-332)
33 Hd Pointed Blush Brush (LP-333)
34 HD Flat Cut Crease (LP-334)
35 HD Smudger (LP-335)
36 HD Diffused Crease (LP-336)
37 HD Small Angled (LP-337)
38 HD Precised Eyeshadow (LP-338)


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