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A fine, delicate glitter with multiple effects by Richa Dave, captures the light and illuminates your makeup look. Perfect Suit For Smoky Eyes Makeup, Wedding Makeup, Party Makeup or Casual Makeup, it will add a super-shimmering dimension to any look. It can be applied directly to improve adherence and optimise shine. The glitter stays on your eyes once you’ve put it on with almost no fallout, they’re the perfect way of playing with glitter on your eyes. Now sparkle all day with pure pigmented pressed glitter eyeshadows! Available in 6 shimmering colors.

Bridal Mix: 
It is basically a mixture of 4 shades specially designed for INDIAN BRIDES.
Grey: Grey shade helps you to create Smokey Eyes.
Pink Fusion: Pink Fusion shade can be used in Western look as well as Indo-Western too.
Gold: Our Gold shade goes with any eye makeup.
Gold Mix: Gold Mix shade is a mixture of 2 shades. Small particles of Gold and big particles of Silver to create a fusion look.

•Each shade is a mixture of different shades
•Practically Useful
•Prefered Choice of Make Up Artist
•Useful for all looks: Party/ Wedding/ Casual Makeup/ Everyday Look

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Emerald, Sunny Gold, Ocean Green, Love For Gold, Mermaid Blue, Goldmine


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