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Hello, sleeping beauty!

You know that sheen you see on those skincare TV commercials where they always show women with luminous, glowing faces; who are we kidding? No one really has skin that perfect! However, if there’s anything that can come close to that, it would be this. So, basically imagine that scene was somehow bottled-up to get you head turns from everyone, and that is essentially the gist of Océglōw Sleeping Jelly Mask.

Overnight masks are formulated to deeply penetrate your skin while you sleep. Many think that the final step in any comprehensive skincare regime is a targeted serum applied on top of a daily moisturiser or, for skincare enthusiasts, an eye cream to ward off dark circles. However, experts say that if you’re looking for optimum results, you should really incorporate one of the best overnight masks into your routine. Capturing the matrix system, our overnight mask has this non-sticky and silky finish that you slather on as the last step of your night time skin-care routine to feel cool and refreshing, courtesy of the HydroJelly, which provides a jelly-like texture, thereby giving extra full hydration and instant cool and soothing effects all at once. This isn’t just a product with a pretty face; its hydrating components like sodium hyaluronate are actually the perfect fix for anyone who gets a little lazy with their night time routine but still wants glowing skin (aka, all of us). From enhancing your skin’s barrier function to replenishing moisture, detoxifying, alleviating rashes and sunburn, cleansing, reducing inflammation, and exfoliating, it does everything!

A luxurious elixir of hydration built with PEG-free polymer for a non-sticky and silky finish is thrown into all of this to make it look oh-so-fancy as if you are spoiling yourself in your own stay-at-home spa. Does a skincare product get any chicer than this? No, no it does not!


A lightweight, non-sticky texture
At home spa experience
Exfoliating, conditioning skin, toning, and reducing inflammation


Tired skin • All skin types


Apply a generous amount as the final step of your evening routine and pat gently until absorbed
Massage into the skin, smoothing over your face and neck
In the morning, begin with cleansing, and follow with your daily AM routine as usual


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