Keauty Beauty Photo Finish Pore Invisible & Mattifying Primer

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Tired of having an oily skin that shines through the day and night, no matter what makeup you use? We heard you loud and clear, which is why, we now bring to you the best of the best- the Keauty Beauty Photo Finish Pore Invisible & Mattifying Primer. What is so great about this product is that it controls the production of sebum (skin oils), giving you a matte finish when you do your makeup. The product has a lot of skin care benefits, it is enriched with plenty of goodness. Long lasting matte finish for you to stay.

About this item:

  • Long lasting and ultra HD finish for your makeup looks guaranteed. Stay abreast of the rest when it comes to wearing power makeup, without worrying of the unwanted greasy shine, all day and night long.
  • Can be used as a makeup finisher or a base, as you wish. You surely would get a matte touch all over and wouldn’t look oily or greasy.
  • The product is enriched with goodness and benefits for the skin
  • Makeup lasts longer- no reapplying or touch ups needed

Perfect for work, office, party wear and maybe lunches and dinners out.



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