Daily Life Forever52 Pro Artist Multitasker Corrector Palette

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Conceal your skin with Daily Life Forever52. Offering you a choice between 18 colors in our Multitasker corrector palette. A palette that consists of light to dark shades to cover all kinds of skin imperfections like dark spots, blemishes and etc. A rich and creamy texture that blurs out your insecurities. This combination of highly pigmented colors holds the capacity to be a corrector for any kind of discoloration or pigmentation of the skin. The base is slightly thick in nature and provides full coverage to the face and neck. The longevity of the formula cannot be challenged as it can last up to 24 hrs. The shades can be easily mixed with each other and the correct technique of application can do wonders for the skin. With the use of Pro Artist Multitasker Corrector Palette, one doesn’t need to worry about any wrinkles or blemishes as you got the perfect corrector.


  • Concealer palette which helps in hiding discoloration and pigmentation.
  • The formula is moisturizing and gives glowing benefits to the skin.
  • Offers full coverage and has an extremely blendable formula.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting in nature, it is super comfortable on the skin.
  • Can be used as a concealer or for contouring.
  • Has a variety of shades that can be used individually or mixed together.
  • How To Use:

    Use the palest to neutralize and illuminate the darkest areas (under-eye circles, dark spots, or scars). Use the darkest shade to contour facial features. Use the medium shades to correct imperfections (dark spots or blemishes).


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