Indulgeo Essentials Sandwich Combo – Aqua Gold Gel + Vitamin A + Zafferano




You can increase the functional utility of skincare products in the most effective manner possible, just by layering them correctly. One such recommended technique is the Sandwich Technique to enhance the efficacy of retinol.
First Step is to use a light weight moisturizer to prepare your skin for the process of regeneration, like our Aqua Gold 24k Gold Premium Moisture Gel which is a gel based moisturizer containing superfoods for your skin.
Second Step is to apply the serum that has to build a repair system in your skin, like Vitamin A Pro-Retinol Restoring Essence which is a ground-breaking formula for minimizing the appearance of various signs of ageing brought on by environmental stresses associated with modern living.
Third Step in the sandwich technique is to lock the goodness of serum with a heavy moisturizer and let it work. We recommend to use Zafferano Oil which works wonders when paired with Vitamin A as it’s an invincible anti aging duo.
The combination of Aqua Gold Gel, Vitamin A Pro-Retinol Restoring Essence Cream and Zafferano oil is an everlasting solution for reducing the look of multiple signs of aging caused by the environmental assaults of modern life. Formulated with exclusive potent, plant-derived ingredients, this combo has exotic blends of hardworking ingredients such as Retinyl Linoleate and COQ10 rendering a deep therapy for acne, hyperpigmentation and dull skin. A one-stop revival kit for a smoother, plumpier, less lined, younger, more radiant and even-toned looking you.
Superfood ingredients of Aqua Gold 24K Premium Moisture Gel with Retinyl Linoleate + COQ10 marks the epitome of ‘divine treasure’ & targets signs of aging by restoring skin back to its youthful and radiant self. It also clears clogged pores, and evens out skin tone while enhancing skin elasticity, giving it a firming effect. Zafferano will work the magic wand to provide your skin the lasting luxury of an ‘ageless beauty’, it continuously works to make your skin tight, flawless, & fine-line-free.
The combo comes in a beautiful and spacious travel friendly pouch that will help you organize your vanity.


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